Something on the wcf just made me reeally uneasy…..




when someone really cute calls you cute first


I have no memory of drawing plankton ??????

I have no memory of drawing plankton ??????

dimitri ~ice~ graffiti and gira

Dimitri: swiggity swag stag theyre a cool bean and an awesome artist B-)

Ice: i remember not liking some things they said

Graffiti: theyre really cool?? Where did they go

Gira: answered !!!!

Me? :3

You’re really nice and a total cute patoot !!! I like u
I should talk to u more tho o;

cuttlefish/madotsuki, graywave, falconfire123, lyric, and fox

Cuttlefish: answered !!

Graywave: theyre so great. Very great and nice to talk to ! They know how to explain things v well

Falconfire123: we used to talk and theyre really funny tbh?? You probably already know that : P

Lyric: i feel like i know who they are?? Mm i could be wrong though anyway theyre really kind and funny!!

Fox: sooooo nice and cute !!! They also have really good point of views which makes them a+

absol, stormpelt98, sea cat, madotsuki?

Absol: theyre a really nice person and i would love to get to know them better (:

Stormpelt98: godlike person?? Theyre so cool they have good opinions about stuff im just too shy to talk to them….

Sea cat: she is a wonderful girl. Really nice and good to everyone. I consider her my best friend.

Madotsuki.: theyre so cOOOL ims oscared to talk to them sometimes bc theyve gotten like reaLLy cool
Like so cool.
Cooler than coldy freeze

i havent been on wcf at all lately so bear w me here .... moon star, mushroom, swiftjay, scooter, bunny, bumblr bee, baralai, cuttlefish. kgo

Moonstar: they are a really fantastic friend they are so nice to me and everything i just miss talking to them, really ):

Mushroom: literally the cutest person in the world
Love them soooooooooooooo much theyre a lil flower they make me so happy all the time

Swiftjay: i really like swiftjay. She’s seems to always have everything under control and i really admire that tbh

Scooter: theyre like level 9000 nerd but like +1000 cool?? Idk theyre fun to talk to

Bunny: bun !! Is so cute i miss talking to her

Bumblr bee: what the heck she’s always so nice to everyone ever? She makes the cutest lil topics a++++++++++

Baralai: i never really talked to them but they seem to always know what theyre talking about and always know how to explain it and thats really cool

Cuttlefish: what a cutie ?? What a cutie i really want to talk to them theyre so amazing

Um if u think the coraline book is scary you have NOT read the graphic novel jesus fuck the graphic novel is why i cant sleep at night